Since 1997 manufacturing and developing
our own High End audio cables


The passion for music and high-end audio systems aroused our interest to delve into the technical development of audio cables. Since 1997 we have been working on the design and development of one-of-a-kind audio cables. Understanding better the performance of the materials that make up these cables and, with that, improving them was possible because of our training and experience in the fields of Engineering, Electronics, Electricity and Physics.


The name Element47 was chosen because of the position that the element silver occupies in the periodic table. From the very beginning, we have used pure silver and 24-carat gold alloy for the conductors, although currently, other metals have been added, always looking for continuous improvement.


From the first moment, faithful to our philosophy, we have worked to achieve extremely efficient cables, to fully keep the audio signal and favor neutrality and transparency without losing a shred of emotionality and detail.


The numerous tests carried throughout all these years have enabled us to realize the big differences in the diversity of cables already existent in the market.
Each element that makes up a cable interacts with one another and each one is important in its own way, the most irrelevant element can have positive or counterproductive effects.The sought after efficiency was only possible by designing and developing an innovative cable construction combined with high-quality components. After years of research, designs and tests, we managed to develope the Suspended Conductor Technology (S.C.T.).


The Suspended Conductor Technology (S.C.T.) significantly reduces the interaction between the different components that form the Element47 cables. This technology allows the conductors to hang symmetrically with minimum contact between the dielectric and the conductor, eliminating drastically the unwanted contact between them, which negatively affects the audio. The S.C.T. allows for a more magnified resolution, precision, silences and dynamics accompanied by an excellent tonal balance, and all this with an amazing naturalness.
The Element47 team’s tireless desire for improvement has allowed progress in the design and development of these cables. Complexity has never been an obstacle for Element47, but rather the opposite, a challenge to overcome. We are very proud to apply our own technology in all the Element47 cables, which are all hand-made entirely by our team.

We remain faithful and constant in our own line of work and research to reach the excellence